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    Foundation Ingredients Part II: Common Ingredients

    In Part I of Foundation Ingredients, you were introduced to categories of ingredients often found in cosmetic formulations, more specifically, in foundations.  Here in part II of this series, you will learn the names of some ingredients that fall under the previously discussed categories and how (or if) these cosmetic ingredients benefit your dark and/or ethnic skin. Emollients As detailed in the previous post, emollients are included into formulas to soften and condition the skin. Here are a few emollients that are commonly included in foundations: Isododecane is a clear and colourless liquid with a light feel. It is non-greasy and typically used in long wear formulations. This ingredient is…

  • Cosmetic Ingredients

    Foundation ingredients Part I: What do they mean?

    Are you looking for that perfect foundation or bb cream for your dark skin tone? You know you want to find something beneficial for your skin, or at least, something that won’t give you a bad reaction. But whenever you take a look at the ingredients, you may often face a long, intimidating list that has little to no meaning to you. In this first cosmetics ingredients post, you’ll learn about some of the different categories or classes of ingredients found in foundations and what their purposes are. Emollients The main purpose of these types of ingredients is to soften, moisturize, smooth and nourish the skin. This ingredient type is particularly…